Upgrades & Replacements

Although most conservatory faults can be rectified, sometimes the most cost-effective solution is to replace the whole roof structure. By having a modern roof you can benefit from:

  • Increased insulation during the colder months
  • Noise reduction during rainfall
  • More modern appeal with conservatory roof glass
  • A more visually appealing conservatory
  • Heat reflection during warmer periods

Replacing a flat roof with a pitched roof could give your conservatory a more roomier feeling and also enables the use of fans etc. All conservatory and conservatory roof replacements carry a 10 year insurance backed guarantee

Contact us now with your enquiry, or send us some pictures for an online quotation. conservatoryrepairs@gmail.com

Glazing upgrades

Upgrading your conservatory roof could be the solution for you

  • Clear roof sheets can be replaced with tinted sheets or 'Smartpoly'
  • Existing polycarbonate roof sheets can be upgraded to double glazing in certain roofs
  • Increase insulation values to make your conservatory warmer in winter
  • Switch existing sheets to heat reflective sheets to cool down in summer
  • Replace tired timber with new aluminium / UPVC roof
  • Replace with a solid lightweight tiled roof.

Conservatory replacements

If you have had enough of your existing conservatory we can completely remove your old conservatory and install a new conservatory onto the existing base / brickwork. Get rid of those horrid ageing lead lights, add more openers, install a more secure door, etc.

Just imagine starting again with the conservatory. We will install 'A' rated windows, a double glazed roof, new window boards and new insulation to the existing cavity walls.