Does / is your existing Conservatory roof:

  • Limit your living time throughout the year?
  • Become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?
  • Cause problems discolouring your furniture?
  • Become too noisy?
  • Increasingly difficult to keep clean?

For any modern building project, a new or refurbished roof needs to be:

  • Made from the Highest Quality Materials
  • Sensitive to the Environment
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Resistant to Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Long Lasting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Noise

...and in today’s demanding environment:

  • Economical
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Vandal Resistant


Tapco Slate is the perfect modern alternative to natural slate.
Made from a recyclable blend of dolomite limestone and polypropylene, the slates look virtually identical to their natural counterparts. The use of multiple moulds ensure each slate is unique, maintaining an authentic layered camber effect called InFlex™

The slates are available in a wide range of different colours and blends giving you the freedom to express your personal style. Tapco Slates are lightweight, versatile, and attractive and will not shatter, crack, curl or fade. The slates carry a 50-year guarantee.

Metrotile tiles are still the only lightweight steel roofing manufacturer that is able to offer a 40 year Weatherproof Guarantee on all of our profiles.

Crafted to the highest standard under meticulous conditions, each Metrotile is
pressed from Drawing Quality 3 steel,the highest steel grade available in our industry. The low carbon level within the steel allows the metal to flow evenly during manufacture, creating a highly durable tile while practically eliminating the risk of fracture.a Metrotile Roof is for Life

Metrotile continues the use of high quality resources during the galvanization process. Bucking the trend for galvanizing steel roof tiles with compounds that contain 95% Zinc, Metrotile uses Aluzinc®. Combining 55% aluminium with 45% zinc, Aluzinc®forms an exceptionally stable barrier that offers superior corrosion resistance that is unmatched in the steel roofing industry.